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Comfort from head to toe.

AdaptaFlexTM is a superior high density foam with a combination of softness and resilient support that makes it ideal for use in mattresses, pillows and a wide range of furniture.

Designed to respond to both body temperature and weight, AdaptaFlex's advanced memory foam molds naturally to fit every contour of your body. It absorbs and distributes pressure like no other foam. It's slow recovery properties ensure it returns to it's original shape, resulting in a better mattress, a more comfortable pillow and a superior piece of furniture.

AdaptaFlex. Your First Choice in Memory Foam.

EnviroFlex combines our patented, state-of-the art CO2 process with a proprietary chemistry that provides exceptional durability, strength , and physical properties compared to conventional foam pouring processes. The result is better support, cell integrity, and longer product life. Your customers will notice the difference in feel as well as performance.

By using EnviroFlexTM Technology, AdaptaFlex is environmentally friendly.